A Girl by Seaside (うみべの女の子 Umibe no Onna no Ko) Inio Asano


Kicking off October with some Psycho-Pass spookiness.
Anonymous asked:
I'm back .. (:

who are you?

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I really appreciate your blog ^^ You're studying sociology ? Is it fun?

not as fun as how it could have been if teachers had different ways of teaching, tbh. also a course for example, varies from 2 to 5 hours, which no matter how you turn it, is too much, so every interest one might have for a subject gets dulled by the time it lasts.

Anonymous asked:
It's odd that someone would follow you just to insult you. Talk shit, get hit, spiteful anons.

haha i know, right??!!

kiironoha asked:
To the anon who would even dare tell someone to cut themselves clearly has that issue themselves and to which they think if they try to hurt someone else, their own pain may go away. I truly feel bad for you to even succumb to this.

i’m succumbing to my cough only. it’s good they sent it to me though, since i don’t care, bc there are others who’d srsly take that pathetic person to heart. i don’t mind it anyway.

You're a sweetie.

i swear, i’m ANYTHING but sweet, really!

Anonymous asked:
lol youre so emo. cry me a river and cut yourself

why you think your opinion matters to me is a mystery to me.

Anonymous asked:
i don't know if you've already noticed this but in the picture you can see that who ever made that bag hasn't removed your watermark. although people won't know what or where you can find 'paralian-s'. I'm not saying this to make what the seller did to be ok, just happened to notice.

jup, noticed the first time i opened the ad.

Anonymous asked:
Yeah, ok but you don't have any financial benefits compered to this person

true though. man. maaan. 

Anonymous asked:
about the stolen edit... have you contacted the seller?

well, i think it’s quite pointless, since the anime itself isn’t mine, so i don’t actually have any rights to be claiming it as mine, as well as that seller doesn’t have those rights and if i report them, they’ll just make a new advertisement for it, so i’m conflicted tbh.

Anonymous asked:
That's interesting. Are you going to buy it?

WHY CAN’T I GET ONE FOR FREE HONESTLY??????? man, i want that bag.

"I’m just sad??? A lot???? And like??? Everything just makes it worse???" // r.i.d

"I’m just sad??? A lot???? And like??? Everything just makes it worse???" // r.i.d